An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community




The Hawkeye CiT Program is one of the few programs that are distinctly focused on Leadership Development.  As a member of the CiT group each individual focuses on leadership in both a group context and on a more personal individual level.

CiT’s not only learn about leadership but they get to practice it daily and weekly.  Participants should be prepared not just to talk the talk but to walk the walk.  Some leadership opportunities include:

  • Daily apprenticeship responsibilities – CiT’s are asked to take on a variety of responsibilities to learn the ropes in their apprenticeship area.  Duties may include organizational responsibilities such as inventory, safety & maintenance checks, set up for and clean up after activities, planning individual activities and eventually co-leading.

  • Oversight and Management of daily dish room operation.  CiT’s work with campers and staff to ensure the safe and efficient processes of clearing and cleaning the dining hall after each meal.  This is a fast and active set of responsibilities that involves organization, communication, and teamwork.

  • Special Activity Leadership Roles – CiT’s are asked to take sub-group leadership roles in many special activities most commonly tribe based activities such as Counselor Hunt, Eggy Games, and Treasure Hunt with up to six (6) campers depending on them for fair involvement and direction.

  • Each CiT is assigned to a cabin in which they will assist counselors during specified “down time” such as Reading Period or evening Cabin Time.  Responsibilities may include things such as organizing cabin games and connecting with campers one on one.

  • As a group CiT’s are required to cook one meal each week for the entire community beginning with breakfast during the first week of the session.

  • As a group CiT’s are required to develop, plan, organize, and lead one all-camp special activity each session.

  • Because this is a program of development and growth CiT’s are not expected to already have a great grasp of leadership qualities or have developed their own leadership style.  The program is organized to give an overview of viable leadership styles and characteristics of good leaders, train participants in what “leadership” means in the context of camp and the Hawkeye program, and then provide opportunities for each CiT to practice in a supportive environment to begin to develop their own style and to build up their confidence with these skills.

    The Hawkeye CiT Program is a place where sixteen and seventeen year olds can get real, useful training while learning to be responsible, patient, mature, staff team members.  Apply now and become one of these awesome few.



    “{T}he boys are both home albeit fast asleep having had a fantastic summer with you again—they can’t wait for next year! Thanks again for looking after them and giving them memories they will never forget, they can’t imagine life without camp now.”

    Mother – Northampton, England