An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Program Description

The Counselor in Training (CiT) is a four or eight week Leadership Development program for young men and women sixteen or seventeen years old.  Its purpose is precisely what is implied by its name; to begin to train each individual to one day be a counselor at Camp Hawkeye.


To qualify as a CiT candidates MUST be 16 years of age on or before the first day of their session of participation.

CiT’s MUST come for either a four (4) week half or an eight (8) week full session.

CiT’s MUST have attended Hawkeye at least one summer previously OR complete the CiT Recommendation Form and have a short interview with the Director. 

The CiT program was created for two reasons; (1) to allow for the further participation of slightly older individuals, 16 year-olds, in our camp community, and, (2) to train interested individuals to be capable and reliable counselors in our program.  Each CiT’s time at camp is divided into four categories:

  • At a chosen apprentice area in camp learning from an experienced counselor about that distinct area.  Apprenticeships take up between eight (8) and fifteen (15) hours each week.

  • Engaged in CiT specific group training led by Leadership Staff – trainings may include Basics of Group Management, Team Building Activities, First Aid/CPR Certification Course, and many others.

  • Completing CiT specific in camp responsibilities such as Dish Room management, once weekly meal preparation, once per session all-camp special activity planning, and others.

  • Having Fun participating in the program as a camper might during special activities, at program areas, or on out of camp trips.


    At the start of the session CiT’s choose one or more program areas in which to spend their apprenticeship time during which they learn the many varied skills of activity planning, counseling, and leadership that are necessary to be a dependable, qualified, and caring camp counselor.

    CiT’s are overseen by a member of the Leadership Staff who acts as mentor, supervisor and, at times, cabin counselor.  This staff member tracks and evaluates each CiT’s progress over the course of the summer.  S/he ensures that each CiT is comfortable in their role, learning their desired skills, and being properly utilized in their chosen program areas.  A CiT may switch their specialty area if both the CiT and mentor believe this beneficial to the camp community.

                CiT’s that complete the program successfully are given right of first refusal for open staff positions for the following summer as Junior Counselors or as Non-Counseling Volunteers.  It is our goal to develop responsible and capable staff members that take on significant leadership roles within our community.



    “{T}he boys are both home albeit fast asleep having had a fantastic summer with you again—they can’t wait for next year! Thanks again for looking after them and giving them memories they will never forget, they can’t imagine life without camp now.”

    Mother – Northampton, England