An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Common Questions

On this page we have put together some simple answers to some very common questions that CiT's have about camp. We have similarly done so in other sections of the website so you may need to go to the Why Hawkeye section get some of other questions answered.

We have not tried to answer all potential questions and know that it means a lot to speak with someone live so please, give Jessica a call in the office at (781) 315-1297 and she can talk to you more about the CiT Program and how it fits for you.

How old are CiT’s?

  • CiT’s are sixteen by the time their session begins and can be no older than seventeen.

  • How long is the CiT Program?

  • CiT’s must participate in either a four week or eight week stay at camp.

  • How much does the CiT Program cost?

  • The CiT program costs $2550 for 4 weeks and $4500 for 8 weeks.

  • Where do CiT’s live at camp?

  • There are two CiT cabins, one for males and one for females.  There are no counselors in the CiT cabins but the CiT Coordinator lives close by checking on the group.

  • How is the schedule different for CiT’s?

  • The CiT schedule is different in most ways from that of campers. CiT's wake up at the same time and attend meals with every other community member but beyond that are on their own schedule. CiT's go to sleep later, have opportunities to opt out of an afternoon activity once every two days, and are often off at their Apprenticeships for an entire morning or afternoon.

    As described on the "Program Description" page CiT's have group trainings each and every week, apprenticeship responsibilities, dish room duties, special activity planning, and meal prep each week.

  • Can CiT’s bring their phones to camp?

  • No, CiT’s may not bring phones or any other electronic device to camp.

  • What tangible “things” does a CiT take away from camp?

  • Resume/Interview Skills/Written Evaluation/First Aid & CPR Certification

  • Do CiT’s get a day off like counselors?

  • No, CiT’s are not counselors and therefore do not get a designated day off.  CiT’s get unassigned down time each day and may opt out of certain program pieces.

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    “{T}he boys are both home albeit fast asleep having had a fantastic summer with you again—they can’t wait for next year! Thanks again for looking after them and giving them memories they will never forget, they can’t imagine life without camp now.”

    Mother – Northampton, England