An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Welcome Campers

We are so happy that you have found your way to our website; good for you!  This section of the site is specifically for you and we hope it will answer a lot of the questions that you have about Hawkeye.  We would love for you to come and join us this summer and become a part of something really special.

In this section you’ll learn about the different parts of Camp Hawkeye.  You will find out how each day goes and what your schedule will be like.  You will learn about special activity days and what they are like.  You will get a chance to check out a map of camp and find out more about our program areas like Archery, Swimming, and Woodworking.  Then you will be introduced to the world of tribes at Hawkeye and what the colors yellow, green, blue, and red stand for.  You can read about the out of camp trips that you take each week; how you get to swim under a waterfall and visit some caves up on a nearby mountain.  Finally we will try and answer some of your questions.

Hawkeye is a small camp with only about 50 kids at a time.  It’s a place where everybody gets to know not just your name but gets to know you.  Hawkeye is way different than school because the goal is for everyone to be moving around all day trying new things, being loud, and having fun!

You like being outside?  We got that.  Spend your summer outside in the sun, on the field or in the lake.

You like swimming?  Us too; everybody gets to swim everyday.  If you want to you can swim a couple of times a day.  Cannonball off the diving board, swim around with goggles checking everything out under water, and even climb up the tower for a huge jump!

You like nature and animals?  I thought so; find turtles, fish, owls, salamanders, frogs, turkeys and a lot more.

You like sports?  Great, you can come and play soccer or basketball like at home and get familiar with Hawkeye sports like Crazy Soccer and Bunkball.  Sorry, no leagues or competitive teams we play for fun and not for practice.

Anyway, here it is in the short version.  Live in cabins with your friends.  Everybody eats and plays together.  Swim a lot, be outside, have fun, and learn a whole bunch of new stuff.

Sounds cool; IT IS!



"Th[e] 4 weeks Spent There Went Past Way To Quickly, && Leaving On Th[e] Last Day Was One Of Th[e] Hardest Things Ive Ever Had To Do. All Th[e] Memories Of Everything We Did Are So Special To Me Now...&& There’s So Many To Pick From...All Th[e] Way From Sleepovers To Campfires, Or From Th[e] Fashion Show To Free Swims, They're All Amazing.”

Gayle, Camper – Northampton, England