An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Special Activities

In addition to the regular camp schedule all campers participate in a variety of special activities.  These activities range from Crazy Dress to International Days, from the Robin's Arrow Tournament (an all-camp archery tournament) to Nation's Games.  Campers almost always participate in Tribe groups with points accruing to the summer long Tribal Contest.  However it is not all competition based as Special Activities are often multi-cultural and are almost always based on inter-age group participation.  Hurons and Iroquois alike might learn how to count in Russian, cook a variety of Chinese dishes, or play Cricket.

Every night there is a community activity and these are sometimes considered special activities.  Campfires happen every Monday and Friday night.  Tuesday and Wednesday nights vary from week to week but Saturday is always Surprise Night, Sunday is chill out Bunk Night, and Thursday is always Capture the Flag.

Evening activities are just one part of our exciting and unbeatable special acitivities.  Another important special activity is every other week there is at least one International Day.  These may include Irish, Scottish, Russian, Canada, English, Spanish, or any other country that is represented at camp.  During International Days the whole camp learns about another culture, gets to eat some crazy different foods and plays some games associated with that country…or some camp variation.

These activities are all just preludes to our big, huge, ginormous ALL-CAMP SPECIAL ACTIVITIES!  Every week you can count on one or two monster size special activities that last all day.  Most of these are tribe related and they always begin with Creative Day and end during the last week of the summer with Amazing Race.  These activities are high energy, last all day, and are a huge challenge.  Groups haven to work together, solve puzzles and mysteries, build things, and use the various strengths of all team members to complete the tasks.  Some examples are:

           □   Creative Day                                              □   Scavenger Hunt

           □   Nations’ Games                                          □   Treasure Hunt

           □   Mission Impossible                                     □   Robin’s Arrow

           □   Counselor Hunt                                          □   Amazing Race



"Th[e] 4 weeks Spent There Went Past Way To Quickly, && Leaving On Th[e] Last Day Was One Of Th[e] Hardest Things Ive Ever Had To Do. All Th[e] Memories Of Everything We Did Are So Special To Me Now...&& There’s So Many To Pick From...All Th[e] Way From Sleepovers To Campfires, Or From Th[e] Fashion Show To Free Swims, They're All Amazing.”

Gayle, Camper – Northampton, England