An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Choose Your Day

Now that you’ve got an overview of what Hawkeye is like the next question that needs to be answered is of course; What is a day like? Let me tell you about it here

Every week at camp there are 4-5 “Regular” days.  “Regular” days are days where you do some activities with your cabin group like archery and arts & crafts in the morning, and, woodworking and boating in the afternoon.  You also get to choose what you do for two periods each day. 

So, this is how it works.  At dinner on Monday night Garrett, the director, will stand up and say in his loud camp director voice, “Okay, Okay!”  That means that everyone should quiet down and listen to some announcements.  It is important that everybody quiets down for two reasons.  First, it is usually loud and fun at dinner with tables singing songs or doing dances, people laughing, or Chefy playing music.  Second, this is when you hear about the activities you can choose for the next morning.

So, everyone gets quiet and Garrett says “Tomorrow for Camper Choice in the morning we have…Arts & Crafts!”  Then the Arts & Crafts counselor, Tae, stands up with his dreadlocks and he is like six foot four and he describes whatever cool activity he is leading in the morning.   Then Garrett says “and we also have…Woodworking” or he says “Archery” or “Athletics” and every other activity that is available for the morning.  Campers listen to all the stuff they can do and then after dinner, back in the cabin, they tell their counselor what they want for the morning.

Now, some kids love one or two things and they try and do them everyday.  That’s cool but some other kids like to try all the different activities and spend some time swimming, other time making some neat project in woodworking, and some more time learning to paint in arts & crafts.  Your choice.

Anyway, after all of the program area activities like the ones listed above there is Free Swim in the afternoon so everyone can get in the water and cool off.

Finally, after dinner there is an activity and most nights it’s for the whole camp together.  Like Thursdays are always Capture the Flag and everyone plays.  Or Saturday nights are always a surprise; things like that.

Anyway, each day is different and you aren’t stuck with the same thing every time.  You can change your mind and try new activities every day.  Then, after a couple of regular days, just when you are ready for it they throw in Tribe Activities and other Special Activities!  Before we talk about that though check out the Camp Map on the next page and read about the program areas.



"Th[e] 4 weeks Spent There Went Past Way To Quickly, && Leaving On Th[e] Last Day Was One Of Th[e] Hardest Things Ive Ever Had To Do. All Th[e] Memories Of Everything We Did Are So Special To Me Now...&& There’s So Many To Pick From...All Th[e] Way From Sleepovers To Campfires, Or From Th[e] Fashion Show To Free Swims, They're All Amazing.”

Gayle, Camper – Northampton, England