An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Common Questions


Q- What are the kids like? – In a word “Awesome” like you.  Some of them will come from a town near you and many of them will be from really far away but all kids are really the same underneath.  They will want to get to know you and make friends.

Q- What are the counselors like? – Counselors are fun, nice, patient, understanding, energetic, and easy to get along with.  All Hawkeye counselors love working with kids and teaching new things.

Q- How deep is the lake? – Lake Kanasatka averages 18 feet deep and is 40 feet deep at the deepest part.  Our swimming area includes a sandy beach and sandy bottom in the shallow end.

Q- What are the cabins like?  - Cabins are one big room with a bunch of bunkbeds.  Do you like the top or bottom bunk?  Each cabin has a bathroom and shower in it separate from the main cabin area as well as electricity and lights.

Q- How is the food? – Great!  We call it healthy kid-friendly food.  Hot breakfast every morning, homemade bread, soup, salad, and a variety of meals each week.  There is always a cookout one day a week.  There is a separate vegetarian alternative every meal as well as some plain pasta or a sandwich for those that don’t like what we’re having.

Q- Can I bring my friend to camp? – Yes, of course you can.  Some kids love coming to camp with a close friend, brother or sister, or neighbor.  You don’t have to and many kids do not but we would be happy to have you and a friend join us.

Q- How do I know what tribe I will be in? – Nobody knows for sure what tribe any new person to camp will be in…only the Sorting Bucket knows.  You can learn about the tribes, ask other campers and staff about them and get to know their personality a little and maybe you can guess but be careful and don’t wear tribe colors to the sorting.

Q- Are there bears at camp? – No bears; camp is safe and you won’t run into any big hungry animals.  You might find small animals like lizards or frogs, cool birds like woodpeckers and owls and maybe even turkeys or turtles but camp is just too busy and noisy for bears.

Q- Are there video games?  - Nope, no video games, cell phones, tv, or computer…aaaaahhhh!  I know it seems like a terrible thing but it is actually an awesome thing.  You get a break from electronics and instead you get to make tons of new friends and learn some amazing new stuff.



"Th[e] 4 weeks Spent There Went Past Way To Quickly, && Leaving On Th[e] Last Day Was One Of Th[e] Hardest Things Ive Ever Had To Do. All Th[e] Memories Of Everything We Did Are So Special To Me Now...&& There’s So Many To Pick From...All Th[e] Way From Sleepovers To Campfires, Or From Th[e] Fashion Show To Free Swims, They're All Amazing.”

Gayle, Camper – Northampton, England