An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community




At Hawkeye we run what we call a "trips based program."  This means that a central part of each week is an out-of-camp Wilderness Adventure Trip.  These are primarily day hiking trips but can include overnight hikes as well.  Do you know how to hike?  Well, let's find out...can you walk?  Yes?  Check.  Can you carry a backpack?  Yes?  Check two.  Can you walk and carry a backpack at the same time?  Yes?  Then you can hike.

Some trips are done by Cabin group.  After one or two trips with your group each camper gets to choose a trip from the ones offered for that week.  If there is space sometimes campers choose multiple trips in a week.  Hiking trips that you choose are a chance for campers to go back to a place they really loved the first time or to hang out with friends from other cabins.

Another part of the trips program is the overnights on the island.  Across the lake, believe it or not, is another part of camp.  What’s over there?  Well, you’ll have to find out.  Each camper heads out with their cabin group once every two weeks for an overnight out there.  Canoe over after dinner and spend the night hanging out around the fire, making S’Mores, talking, and maybe even sleeping under the moonlight.  For many campers this is one of the coolest things we do at camp.

Trips are carried out by our enthusiastic Expeditions Staff.  These trip leaders are all experienced outdoors-people with First Aid training and a sensible approach to the mountains and woods.  You are in good hands when you step on the trail and though you will be challenged and encouraged to push yourself perhaps farther than you have before you will always be safe.

Each week the wilderness trips will bring you to a different type of place.  Maybe you’ll hike up Red Hill which overlooks camp and our lake.  There’s a fire tower up there and you get to see 360 degrees around in a full circle.  Take in all of the mountains and lakes and on a clear day even see the highest mountain in New England, Mt. Washington.

Maybe in the second week you will head over to Beede Falls, hike in with your bathing suit already on and swim under the falls and even behind them.  You will have a lifeguard with you so you can get in but remember…the water might be chilly.  Great on a hot day.

So, you never know what is out there for your next trip.  Some trips take you up to mountain peaks and others down through boulder caves.  Other trips are short hikes to a beautiful view with some great picture opportunities.  You will get to know these places during your first weeks at camp and then choose your adventure later on.



"Th[e] 4 weeks Spent There Went Past Way To Quickly, && Leaving On Th[e] Last Day Was One Of Th[e] Hardest Things Ive Ever Had To Do. All Th[e] Memories Of Everything We Did Are So Special To Me Now...&& There’s So Many To Pick From...All Th[e] Way From Sleepovers To Campfires, Or From Th[e] Fashion Show To Free Swims, They're All Amazing.”

Gayle, Camper – Northampton, England