An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Welcome Parents

Welcome parents.  Whether you are a parent or guardian of a prospective camper or already share one or more of your kids with us for the summer this section of the website is for you.  Here you can find out more about what our community and program has to offer, get a refresher of dates and processes, and download any forms you may need.

At Hawkeye we believe overnight summer camp to be such a valuable and enriching experience that we would like to offer it to everyone. We would like to make it possible for each and every child to be able to live, learn, and grow in such a rustic environment and loving community. Unfortunately we have just 55 spaces for campers so we must satisfy ourselves with providing a first-rate camping experience for these lucky few.

The Camp Hawkeye program is one which provides young people with a fun, pressure free environment where campers can learn and mature while having experiences that are very different from those offered at home or at school. Gone are the structures, confinements, and requirements of scholastic life; gone is the stress that goes along with it. Instead, campers are encouraged to explore their natural curiosity in a rustic setting. Many of our counselors are teachers and relish the free learning environment that Hawkeye offers.

At Hawkeye campers and staff come from around the world and down the street to create a diverse community committed to founding relationships that will connect us across and because of our differences. We do not emphasize difference at Hawkeye apart from intentionally crafting a diverse community. Campers and staff are expected to live and play together in an environment that encourages natural interest and learning with and about one another. True understanding cannot be forced but needs to come from the innate desire to learn and understand our friends and mentors. Epiphanies cannot be initiated in a contrived situation but must occur naturally and at each person's own pace.

See these beliefs at work.  Come and join us as a part of our unique community or for a visit during one of our summer sessions.  Our campers and staff would love to welcome you to a fun meal full of energy, laughter, and song, or take you on a tour and share some of their favorite activities and memories.



“It remains for me to say an enormous thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication to the boys. You are indeed very highly thought of and are clearly excellent role models for the campers. Have a restful time and enjoy what's left of the summer.”

Mother – Northampton, England