An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Common Questions

On this page we have put together some simple answers to some very common questions that parents have about camp.  We have similarly done so in other sections of the website so your son or daughter should get some of their typical questions answered at the end of the Campers section or if they are older and are looking into our Leadership Development Program at the end of the CiT section.  We also answer some questions in our brochure a copy of which has been shared with you as the “Why Hawkeye” section; follow this hyperlink to see those other questions now: Brochure Questions.

We have not tried to answer all potential questions and know that it means a lot to speak with someone live so please, give Jessica a call in the office at (781) 315-1297 and she can talk to you more about our community and how it fits for your son or daughter.


Q- Is Camp Hawkeye American Camp Association (ACA) Accredited?

  • Yes we are. Check out our Accreditation Score Sheet.  And check out this link to find out more about what it means to be accredited.

  • Q- Is camp safe?

  • Yes.  Campers at Hawkeye receive closer supervision and significantly more one on one attention than while at school or involved in a team.  We have a full time Registered Nurse on staff who lives at the Hawkeye and brings her own sons to camp each summer.  She is registered in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts and consults with a local family practice and specialists as needed.  There are two hospitals within 30 minutes of camp and the local fire, police, and ambulance services are just five minutes down the road.

  • Q- What if my child takes medication? 

  • No a problem at all. The Camp Nurse is in charge of storage and distribution of all medications. Campers and staff must check in any and all medications with the nurse upon arrival.  Medication is all stored locked in the Health Center.  No medication of any type is allowed in the camper cabins.  All medications must be in the original containers.  Parents are asked to be sure that all needed medications for the duration of a camper’s stay is available upon arrival and that any deviations from printed instructions on the container are given in writing and signed by a physician.

  • Q- What are the cabin’s like?

  • The cabins are rustic and yet provide a comfortable living area.  Campers sleep in bunk beds and cabins have electricity, hot water, sinks, toilets and showers.  Cabins remain simple however and include bunks, an open floor plan, and shared living space. All cabins are made of wood and are screened so fresh air and sunlight can generously get in. Each cabin has at least two staff members living in the cabin full time.

  • Q- How does my child get to and from camp?

  • Hawkeye campers get to camp in equal measure through camp transportation and being driven by their families.  Most families from New England drive their child(ren) to camp and those from farther away take advantage of camp transportation as described on the “Travel to Camp” page.

  • Q- How can I communicate with my child while s/he is at camp?

  • Campers can receive mail while at camp including letters, postcards, and care packages (not containing food or electronics).  Some families send their first mail in advance of bringing their child to camp so that on the first day a letter will be waiting for them.  There are also designated daily times for calling and someone in the office would be happy to set up a time for you to speak with your son or daughter.  We ask the phone calls remain short (see Parent Handbook) and that you wait until Wednesday of their first week to alleviate possible homesickness.

  • Q- What is the food like?

  • The food at camp is OUTSTANDING! Campers and staff often show their appreciation for how good the food is by commencing the meal with “Chefy Da Da” or as a way to show the chef they want 3rds or 4ths. We offer a variety of kid friendly foods at camp including homemade bread with fresh herbs, fresh vegetables from our garden, hearty yummy soup at each lunch, pastas, chicken bakes, weekly BBQs, pizza and so much more. There is also another option at each meal for a camper who is a “picky eater” but often times kids will try things at camp that they don’t normally eat at home. Vegetarian options are also available.

  • Q- Is my child going to feel left out because this is their first summer at camp?

  • Certainly not! Even though we are a small camp community and many of our campers return each year new campers are always welcomed with warm greetings and great kindness. Our current campers are very excited to learn about new campers and get them acclimated to the Hawkeye program. In the first few hours returning campers are finding out as much as they can about new campers and staff to try and guess into which tribe they will be sorted.  Returning campers are always very excited to welcome new community members into the cabin and introduce them to the other members of the community.

  • Q- How do you choose your staff and where do they come from?

  • The Camp Hawkeye staff is key to making your child’s experience unforgettable. In order to become a staff member in our community each person has to go through a dynamic interview process. The application process is extensive and background checks are always complete.  We take great pride in getting to know our counselors before they are hired. It is necessary that each person is passionate about working with kids and being in the outdoors. Staff members must have excellent references, eager to learn about youth development and geared up to dedicate their summer to the care and supervision of our campers. They come from all over the world and the US just like our campers. Some staff travel from as far as New Zealand and as close as Keane, NH.

  • Q- What Activities can my child do at camp?

  • There are nine program areas from which each camper can choose on a daily basis: swimming, boating, athletics, archery, arts & crafts, drama, woodworking, bugs & dirt, and expeditions. Each program counselor has excellent skills, is experienced and has all necessary certifications. Additionally all campers go hiking weekly, sleep out one night on the island, and participate in all Special Activities.   Check out the “Program” page here in the Parent Section for more information.

  • Q- Should my child bring their cell phone or electronics?   

  • Good question. No, your child should not bring their cell phone or ANY electronics to camp. If a camper accidentally brings a cell phone, ipod or other electronic device to camp it will be kept safely in the main office until departure day.  Campers that use camp transportation or fly in to a nearby airport almost always bring cell phones for use during these travel times and that is encouraged.  Phones will be checked in and returned upon arrival and departure at camp.


    As mentioned above, give Jessica a call in the office at (781) 315-1297 if you have any other questions.



    “It remains for me to say an enormous thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication to the boys. You are indeed very highly thought of and are clearly excellent role models for the campers. Have a restful time and enjoy what's left of the summer.”

    Mother – Northampton, England