An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



About our Staff

Our staff members are the heart of the Hawkeye community. They serve as positive role models and mentors for all of our campers during the summer. At Camp Hawkeye we look for creative men and women who have a love for working with young people, enthusiasm in their activity areas, and an appreciation for the outdoors. Many of our staff members are teachers during the school year, allowing them the opportunity to join us in the summer.

Hawkeye’s commitment to a diverse community extends beyond our campers to our staff members as well. We promote an environment that includes campers and staff from myriad backgrounds, income levels, and countries of origin. Our counselors come to us from all across the United States, as well as across the ocean from places like England, Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Spain; to name a few.

Staff members are chosen through an in-depth application process that includes a series of phone and/or face to face interviews and nationwide background checks. Most of our counselors have come to us through personal recommendations from current and former staff members and camper families.

Staff members participate in rigorous pre-camp training in addition to the application process described above logging more than eight hours of training a day for the week.  During this time topics ranging from safety and group management to program specifics and first aid are covered.

On top of lots of training the Hawkeye staff works together to care for our campers.  With a maximum capacity of 55 campers and more than 20 staff members Hawkeye maintains an excellent camper to staff ratio of 2.5 to 1 (2.5:1).  Think about those numbers in comparison to school where classroom sizes in a well funded district are in excess of 20 students and often even above 30.

Our staff members vary in age ranging from 17 to 58 and in 2010 the Staff Group had an average age of over 25. Our youngest counselors are Junior Counselors, JC's. These individuals have some restrictions on their responsibilities and are all General Counselors assigned to assist older Cabin and Program Counselors. At least two counselors live with the campers in each cabin group, which range from 6-14 campers grouped according to gender and age.

Our goal is to develop many of our own staff beginning with our Leadership Development Program for sixteen year olds called Counselors in Training, CiT's. We view staffing as a relational process that is enduring through the growth and development of both our program and the staff member. We strive to maintain staff relationships for multiple summers because we recognize the additional value to our program and the safety of our community members of an experienced staff.



"I just wanted to thank you...for giving me the chance to be a part of Camp Hawkeye for another year. I really had the most fun I could of imagined those days I was there. The drive home was a sad one, especially leaving camp...So thank you sooooo much."

Stephanie, Camper – Bronx, NY