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Best Job in The World

A very smart person I know once told me that people are paid for their work in inverse proportion to its importance to society.  If that’s the case then Camp Counselors are some of the most important people in the universe!

It’s a good thing that working at camp is the best job in the world because nobody gets rich doing it.  If you are looking for money to finance your next big adventure then coming to Hawkeye is the wrong decision.  If, on the other hand, Hawkeye is your next big adventure then you’ve got the perfect approach.

What working at Hawkeye lacks in greenbacks, benjamins, moolah, and dinero it more than compensates for in fun, in experience, and in memories.

Let’s list the top 10 reason why working at camp is the best job in the world:

10. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt to work every day
9.   You get paid (albeit not well) to jump off the diving board and do a cannonball
8.   Counselors get to pick their own nicknames
7.   All the camp food you can eat
6.   S’mores are finest fresh from the fire
5.   You get to make the best friends of your life
4.   Capture the flag should really be an Olympic Sport
3.   You get to laugh everyday
2.   The campers you work with think you’re cool before they even meet you
1.   A chance to positively affect the lives of some amazing kids

Well, if you’re not sold by now then perhaps being a camp counselor is not for you.  But, if you want to work outdoors in the sun, be in the woods away from the bustle of the rest of your life, and make a real difference for some awesome boys and girls, join our staff team and start doing something that really matters.

See you soon.



"I just wanted to thank you...for giving me the chance to be a part of Camp Hawkeye for another year. I really had the most fun I could of imagined those days I was there. The drive home was a sad one, especially leaving camp...So thank you sooooo much."

Stephanie, Camper – Bronx, NY