An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Staff Forms

Forms here get your fresh, hot forms here! Okay, so the vendor's call doesn't elicit the same response as it does at a ballgame or the circus but you have to admit that some well put together forms are pretty exciting…

All right, you got me again, but you cannot argue this; forms are a necessary means to an end. With that in mind we have made our forms as short and to the point as possible. Please find all the pre-hire and welcome forms you need below. The first segment of forms are those needed to secure yourself the "Best Job in the World," the second to give you a good idea as to what to expect in any particular role, and the last just in case you lose any of the forms sent in your Welcome Packet after you got the job of your dreams…at camp.


Downloadable Forms


Application Forms (Pre-Hire)
New Staff Application Return Staff Application
Staff Calendar Sample Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions



Job Descriptions
Cabin Counselor General Counselor
Archery Counselor Arts & Crafts
Athletics Counselor Boating Counselor
Trip Leader Lifeguard
Nature Counselor Woodworking Counselor
Program Coordinator Special Activities Coordinator



Welcome Packet (Post-Hire)
Code of Conduct Staff Handbook
Health Form Internet Use Policy
Goal Sheet Travel Plans
Photo Release Packing List
Treatment Consent (under 18)


"I just wanted to thank you...for giving me the chance to be a part of Camp Hawkeye for another year. I really had the most fun I could of imagined those days I was there. The drive home was a sad one, especially leaving camp...So thank you sooooo much."

Stephanie, Camper – Bronx, NY