An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Types of Staff

There are three types of counseling staff members at Hawkeye; Cabin Counselors, Program Area Specialists, and Group Counselors.

Cabin Counselors are primarily responsible for the care of their cabin group. These individuals spend most of their day accompanying their group to various activities. During activity periods these counselors attend and participate in each activity that the group does. These counselors do not plan and are not the primary activity leaders in any specialty area. They tend to develop closer bonds with their cabin group members and are expected to manage personalities and issues within the cabin group. These individuals will have a hand in some infrequent Program Area activity planning. They are supervised by the Cabin Coordinators, male and female respectively.


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Program Area Counselors are responsible for planning, organizing, and leading activities in their specific Program Area. Days are spent leading and preparing for activities. These individuals remain at their Program Area throughout the day and lead activities for a variety of age and gender groups. These counselors will occasionally assist in the another Program Area or in the cabin .


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General Counselors have more than one area of responsibility; they have Program Area responsibilities and Cabin duties. These individuals split their time between assisting at activity areas and accompanying groups throughout each day. These individuals are able to develop relationships with a broader range of campers and share a variety of their interests.  

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"I just wanted to thank you...for giving me the chance to be a part of Camp Hawkeye for another year. I really had the most fun I could of imagined those days I was there. The drive home was a sad one, especially leaving camp...So thank you sooooo much."

Stephanie, Camper – Bronx, NY