An overnight camp for girls and boys ages 8 to 16,
with a commitment to a diverse community



Meet the Directors

Director-Garrett Colgan Snyder

Originally from Arden, Delaware, Garrett was raised in Newton, Massachusetts. He grew up camping in Vermont and New Hampshire with his parents and brother. At camp as a boy Garrett came to love the overnight experience and appreciate the community and relationships born from that environment. His continued commitment to the outdoors has brought him countless new experiences and friendships from which he draws to communicate, teach, and connect with children.

Garrett is the founder of Camp Hawkeye and is extremely active in the greater camping and youth development community. He is a member of the New Hampshire Camp Directors' Association Board of Directors and a member of the American Camp Association New England (ACANE) chapter's Membership Committee. Garrett is also frequent presenter at the ACANE Annual Spring Conference and past presenter at the annual ACA Tri-State Conference.

Assistant Director & Camper Advocate - Jessica Colgan-Snyder

A member of the Hawkeye community from the beginning Jess came to us after a bucolic childhood in northern New Jersey. Wantage, NJ...have you heard of it? Ever been there? We didn't think so. After escaping the soft embrace of small town America Jess found herself in Boston by way of rural Vermont. A graduate of Suffolk University she has committed her life to camping and the Hawkeye community.

Jess is also quite active in the greater camping community. She is a member of the American Camp Association New England (ACANE) chapter's Emerging Camp Professionals (ECP) Committee as well as a volunteer at the ACANE Spring Conference.

"Thanks for taking the time to find out about our small community. Not only is camp a fun place for kids to learn and grow but we have made it our lives. We have done so not because we love making bark rubbings and tracing leaves or miss the sounds of chipmunks through the leaf litter when we are away from camp (we do of course) but because we know how important this type of experience is for kids. I hope that you understand this too and we can share in the growth process together."



“He still talks about his experience in camp and this helped him start school! He was abruptly transferred to another school closer to our house in the middle of September and he was so nervous but because of his camp experience he was able to jump right in. It’s amazing how kids adapt and I have Camp Hawkeye to thank for that.”

Mother – Boston, Massachusetts