How will I get clean clothes?

Laundry gets done every Wednesday for the entire camp community. You'll pack enough clothes for a week plus a little, just in case. You'll keep your dirty stuff in a laundry bag which will get collected, washed, dried, and returned to you ready for the following week.

Where will I live? Who will I live with?

Campers live in cabins with 6-8 other campers and two counselors (adults). We call the campers who live together a "cabin group" or "bunkmates." Cabins are wooden structures with screened windows, and they have bunk beds and places to store your stuff. They have electricity for lights, but you'll still want a flashlight for reading in bed at night. Each cabin has two counselors who are there to help you if you need it. Other staff live nearby and will often come to visit and spend time with you and your bunkmates. The cabins are arranged in groups and each cabin group shares a washhouse with private showers and toilet stalls. For more info, check out: Cabins

Can I bring my cell phone or game system to camp?

Like most summer camps, we have a "no electronics of any kind" policy. That includes cell phones, video game devices, e-readers, cell phones, blow dryers, and hair straighteners. The good news is - you don't need any of that to have a great time at camp. We want all our community members committed to being really "present" at camp. It will make not only you happier but your new friends, too! You'll be able to hang out, talk, and connect with them in a way that's hard to imagine unless you're here doing it. Don't worry - it's awesome. If you are traveling to camp from far away, you can bring these items for use during travel, and we will hold them in the camp office and return them to you before you leave.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Send us a message! We're happy to help. Please make sure you have the permission of a Parent/Guardian before sending. If you'd rather, you can ask them to call or message us, too.

What if I don't like the camp food? food isn't really any different than other food. It's usually possible to find something you like, and you won't go hungry. We cook kid-friendly meals, and you can also choose activities that allow you to help make some of it! We always have options like fruit, veggies, pasta, cereal, and sandwiches, but we think once you try things, you'll find it's actually super yum. If you get here and don't like something we're serving, just tell your counselor. We're here to help and we will make sure you get something to eat that you like. :)

What if I want to call home?

No problem. You probably want to share all about your new friends, things you're doing and learning, and adventures you're having. We schedule times with your Parent/Guardian so you know exactly when you'll be able to connect with home by phone. Full disclosure - it might take a couple days to get used to camp (and to have stuff to share on your call). So, we start phone calls on the Wednesday of your first week.

Can I bring my pet dragon to camp?

You have a pet dragon? Wow. We're jealous. Unfortunately, Firebreather will have to stay home this summer. As will any *real* pets like dogs, cats, etc. You are welcome to bring a stuffed friend who can hang out and guard your pillow during the day - and keep you company at night.

What is this "homesickness" thing I've heard about?

Homesickness is just a fancy term for missing home. It's totally normal to miss people when we're away from them - even when we're having fun where we are. Some of "missing home" is probably going to also be about having questions or being nervous about new adventures. You might wonder, "will I make friends?" "Will I be good at it?" "What's coming next?" All these questions will fade away quickly as you get used to camp and relax into a feeling of comfort. Don't worry or anticipate being homesick. If you are, you'll be in good company - and there are plenty of staff and bunkmates who will help you feel better very soon. And then you'll have one more win to talk about - you conquered homesickness just like that!

You say "be yourself" at camp. But, is that really what you mean?

YES. Absolutely, unequivocally, without argument, YES.
We want to get to know you - and we will like you - for who you are. That's what is the coolest thing about the Camp Hawkeye community. We don't judge. We accept. And we are open to learning new things about ourselves and others. We ask questions and we listen to answers, and they are never wrong or right. It's a very, very positive experience - and we get that you might not believe us, since lots of places aren't like that. Your school might not be like that. Many campers here have experienced bullying and teasing at school because of who they are. We can tell you for sure, that simply won't happen here. Come and see for yourself!

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